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Welcome to Berger Wound Center!

Cuts, scrapes and scratches are common, and in most cases, they knit back together with a little time, care and caution. But some wounds are persistent, and they resist all of the at-home treatments you might use in order to heal them. When you have a wound that has not started to heal within a month, or you've been living with a wound for two months that isn't entirely healed, you might have a chronic or non-healing wound.

At Berger Health System, we have an entire team devoted to the care and treatment of wounds just like this.

Who is at risk for chronic wounds? There are some people who have a higher risk of developing chronic wounds. You may be at risk for a chronic wound if you:

Have diabetes. This disease can reduce your ability to feel pain, and diabetes can limit your body's ability to circulate blood. Both can bump up your wound risk.

Have peripheral arterial or vascular disease. These conditions can allow blood to pool within your body, and that can cause wounds to form.

Are older than 60. As you age, your body heals at a slower rate than it did when you were younger. As a result, older people can struggle to heal after a major wound, and their wounds can become chronic.

Chronic wounds can also form after some kind of trauma, including burns and accidents. Other chronic wounds form due to medical treatments, such as radiation therapy or surgery.

If you have some kind of wound or sore and you're just not sure about what kind of treatment you need, come on in and see us. We will provide you with a full assessment and decide on the best treatment individualized plan just for you! No physician referral is needed, and we can often get you in within the same week. Give us a call today to set up an appointment: 740-420-8321 

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